The scripture calls the church the body of Christ.  This metaphor is commonly used in the Word of God.  Our bodies are made up on many parts yet they functions as a person. The church is no different.  We can only operate at our fullest potential, when the body of Christ is serving and working together.  Romans 12:4-10, 1 Corinthians 12:12-14

In order for the church to function, members should serve according to their giftedness. There are a number of areas of opportunity for ministry at Halesford:

Administrative & Multimedia: Personnel Committee, Planning Committee, Internet Ministry, Publicity Team, Audiovisual Team, Budget Committee

Hands-On Activities: Building & Grounds Committee, Building Committee, Decorating Team, Kitchen Committee, Tuesday Morning Work Crew, Prayer Ministry

Outreach: Community Pig Roast, Visitors Outreach Committee, Women on Mission

Sports Ministry:  Tuesday Volleyball Ministry, Softball ministry

Music & Drama: Adult Choir, Praise Team, Handbell Choir, Worship Service Instrumentalists, Easter Pageant Cast & Crew

Congregational Services: Small Groups Ministry, Special Children’s Program Volunteers, Youth Activity Volunteers, Welcome Committee, Baptismal Committee, Meals Committee, Memorial Meal Committee, Health Ministry Team, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Bible Study

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