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SCRIPTUREExodus 20:7-10, Psalm:145

DATE:  September 13, 2020

OPENING :  Question 1 in the Personal Study Guide ask, “ How can you recognize a genuine fan?”  As I began this lesson, I went to the closet and looked at the caps I wear.  I found 8, 3 Hokies, a Yankees, a Braves, a Nats and 2 Virginia Baptist disaster caps.  What does this say about me other than I am a bit of a hoarder to have that many?  In my defense, some are summer mesh and some are more fall and winter.

It is fall, not my favorite time, I am more of a spring and summer guy.  But typically college football makes fall ok. I have been a fan of my Hokies since I was a kid, through my years there and up to today.  I really looked forward to being in the Burg, tailgating and generally being a part of the spectacle that is college football.  Not being able to do that is going to make this fall strange.  I already know I am going to like this fall less than normal.

As I read the lesson, the PSG ask if are as excited about honoring God as we are football or other things.  Do we really put God and show God above football, Black Friday shopping, the beach, mountains, Disney or other things we really love to do?  There is not one thing wrong with any of the things mentioned, as long as they are in balance with God.

Your PSG carries the football analogy a little further,

Football fans show both honor and worship through their conduct and commitment.  A football game involves roughly only seventeen minutes of actual action.  When you remove huddles, getting back to the line of scrimmage, and other things that take place during the game, you’re left with around seventeen minutes of actual plays being run.  Yet football fans willingly spend up to three hours watching a game that provides only seventeen minutes of action.  If you actually go to the game, you need to add drive time, parking, walking to the stadium, and then sitting in traffic gridlock when the game is over. But have you ever heard a football fan complain that the game went too long?  No, because when we love and honor something, we willingly commit our time to it.  Translate that willingness and enthusiasm over to our spiritual lives and matters like church attendance, personal Bible study, or prayer.  Too many of us are satisfied with a quick five-minute devotion and short prayer.  The Ten Commandments call us to honor God, but are we doing that?

I disagree with the use of the word “worship” but we sure do publically show honor to our hobbies and pastimes.  So remember the old Wendy’s commercial, “where’s the beef?”  Well let’s ask ourselves, “where is God in my life.  If we don’t constantly ask and examine ourselves, it is easy to become  a big fluffy bun,  but “where is the beef?”  So in the spirit of examining, not each other but ourselves, lets see what God’s Word says to us today.

First Scripture: Exodus 20:7-11

Second Scripture: Psalms 145:1-3

Third Scripture: Psalms 145:4-7

QUESTION 1-   What are some way people dishonor or make light of God’s name?

QUESTION 2- What are some ways people dishonor or make light of honoring the Sabbath?

Two of many ways to honor God, honor His name and honor His Sabbath.  God wants us to honor Him with our conduct, enthusiasm, and commitment.  Remember God is absolute truth.  There is no alternate way, no minority opinion, honor is what He says it is.  The standard for how we interact with God is the standard God wrote for us right here in the Bible.  These two Commandments and Psalms scripture are pretty strong.  Do not dishonor the Name of God, the Sabbath and do give praise, give praise, give praise. Due to time constraints, we going to focus on the 1st and 3rd scriptures and an application for them.  That is not to diminish the “Remember the Sabbath” but rather to take a deeper look at the others.

I think we all understand the “Do not take the Name of the Lord in vain.”   Sadly, in America today it seems way more people know how to take the Name of the Lord in vain than know Christ.  Directing God to curse someone or something is probably the worst misuse and has been for the longest time.  But how about the fast rising one that may well have replaced the curse as the 1# missuse, the thoughtless and glib, “omg” of the digital age?

But turning away from the do nots, how about looking at a way to incorporate some positives into our use of the Name of God in our prayer life?  How about showing God we are trying to know Him better by addressing Him more personally?  Using Biblical names for God into our specific prayers are a way of honoring God.  What if we, in our prayers and praise, don’t just generically address Him as “GOD” but we actually address Him by His specific attribute?  Would that help our prayer and praise lives?  I remember a Bible study that Amber and Ashley led on “The Names of God” by Tony Evans.  God is kind of like a small business where one individual wears several hats, God does it all.  So I began to look up the “Names of God.”  One article was, “The 7 Names of God,” another was 20 and others with a variety of numbers, way too many to easily remember.  Some are the same but use different languages like Hebrew vs.  Greek. So I selected an article that was right in the middle.  It is from Kenneth Copeland ministries and it has 16 names each with a little different role and application within our lives.  So, what if we honor His Name in our prayers by rather than just a broad salutation of “God” we use the specific name for our specific praise, intercession or petition?  An example is our scripture Exodus 20:11.  That is the Creator God. That is either Elohim or Yahweh.  So what if in our time of praise in our prayers, we call Him Elohim or Yaweh praising Him for our world around us and all His creation.  Then we have the positive where taking His Name in vain is the negative.  We have something extra.

We are in a time of a really disgusting volume of political ads. Lots of these pop up on Youtube and one is a fund raising ad for the Democratic Party. 3 different persons deliver the same ad, “give us money or we can’t win”. The least known presenter says, “ Hi I am ** and I would like to ask—. The second, says, “Hello everyone, I have a favor I would like to ask of you.” The third says, “Hey you, yes you!!”  Which way of being addressed would you respond the least favorably to? Which do you think would be the least appropriate salutation to God?

This week, take the time to google “Names of God and try using them. Here are a few:

Jehovah Jireh—The Lord My Provider

There is no need that God cannot meet. His will is for you to live in abundance in every area of your life. If you are missing something in this life, it’s time to fully surrender to the Lord who provides.   (Genesis 22)

Jehovah M’Kaddesh—The Lord My Sanctifier

God sanctifies you, cleanses you from evil, and separates you from sin. Avoid the traps of guilt and shame. Let the Lord, your Sanctifier, release you and deliver you.  (Isaiah 6:6-7)

 Jehovah Nissi—The Lord My Banner of Victory

 Found in Exodus 17:15, this Name for God is used to show you that He intends to give you the victory. His presence and power will bring you through any battle with victory.  Never expect defeat in life—go to Jehovah Nissi. He is the Victory.

Jehovah Rapha—The Lord My Healer

God Himself is your Healer! No matter what your situation, He is Jehovah Rapha—your Healer.  Don’t settle for sickness and disease when you have a Healer just waiting for you to receive.

So look some  “Names for God” and you will find more.  Pick out some more specific salutations to God for our prayers. Pick out ways to more specifically  “Honor His Name” in the way we address Him in our praise, intercession and petitions.

CLOSING:    3 Praise songs come to mind, one is “Days of Elijah,” in some arrangements there is a chant, “There is no God like Jehovah. That is the unchangeable and intimate God that is also “Abba.”

The song “El Shaddai,” refers to the all sufficient God and “Adoni,” means our Lord and Master.  All these are examples of praise to specific Names of God.

In my working career, I always tried to lean the clientele and be able to very quickly address them by name and know something about them.  I tried to pay attention and learn a little about them so when I communicated with them, they could see that I was taking them seriously.  Similarly, when someone knew my name and something about me, it made me feel good.

We can make “El Elyon” feel good  in the way we do and don’t use His Name.

Student Ministry_edited-1


Another reason why salvation is everlasting for the believer is because the believer has been sanctified through Jesus Christ.  In William Evans’ Great Doctrines of the Bible, he states that, “Sanctification has to do with our character and conduct” (Evans 164). Sanctification is becoming more and more like Christ. The believer’s character should be Christ like and the believer she be conducting themselves in a Christ like manner.  In Daniel L. Akin’s book, A Theology for the Church, he explains the differences between justification and sanctification.  He states that, “At the moment a person believes, he is also regenerated. The aspects, or components, of salvation- justification and sanctification- are the consideration of the fourth point under discussion.  Justification is the act where God declares us to be righteous in Christ, while sanctification is the process by which God conforms us to be righteousness of Christ” (Akin 557). Sanctification is not an instant process like justification is.  Sanctification is a lifelong growing process. In 1 Corinthians 6:11 it says, “And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.”  The Christian is justified in the name of Jesus and is being sanctified in the name of Jesus every single day in their walk with Christ. Every Christians walk with Christ is different.  Justification is the same for everyone, but everyone’s walk is different.  In J. Edwin Hartill’s book, Principles of Biblical Hermeneutics, he speaks on the difference between the believer’s position and walk.  He states, “The believer’s position or standing in the sight of God is one of absolute perfection in Christ. We are accepted in the Beloved.  Nothing can be added to, nothing can be taken away from our position.  No matter how holy a life a man may live, he cannot add to his perfection position in Christ.  It is unchangeable, un-reversible, permanent, continuous, and eternal. When God looks upon us, He sees us in Christ, and sees all the perfection in Christ as ours.  We see God in Christ, and God sees us in Christ. It is not our perfection, but the perfection of Christ.  Realization of this fact will work in you mightily, encouraging a desire to be perfect in the sight of men and as well God, and it will cause you to pay attention to your walk.  Positionally there is no difference between believers, but there may be a great difference in the walk of various believers.  The walk of a Christian is the result of his spiritual state.  If he is controlled by the flesh, he will be carnal, and will not enjoy the communion with Christ.  The position of the believer is the result of the work of Christ” (Hartill 32).  Sanctification for the believer is based on their walk with Christ.


Today’s Bible Point: Kindness is a fruit of the Spirit.
Genesis 18:1-15 In This Passage: Three strangers visit Abraham, and he shows them kindness. He prepares the best food for them, gives them shade to rest in, and washes their feet. And it turns out they’re not just any visitors; they’re angels, and one is God himself! Wow!
Check out this video about how Lauren shows kindness at a homeless shelter.

Click on this link (kindness) for helpful verses on practicing patience at home.

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Our Student Ministry is back on regular schedule, and meeting every Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.  If you have any question please feel free to call our Student Pastor Taylor Richardson.

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