Halesford Baptist Church is honored to present the twelfth annual offering of The Cry of Christ Easter drama.  “Love Like Jesus” is a live musical telling the story of Jesus Christ, and how His love changes us and others.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to social distancing regulations, the original performance schedule below will likely be modified.  As the pandemic situation is still constantly changing, we cannot give any definite information at this time, but will update this page as we are able.

Original Performance Schedule

Friday, March 27 – 7pm – Canceled
Saturday, March 28 – 5pm – Canceled
Sunday, March 29 – 3pm – Canceled
Friday, April 3 – 7pm
Saturday, April 4 – 5pm
Sunday, April 5 – 3pm
Thursday, April 9 – 7pm
Friday, April 10 – 7pm

Seating reservations will not be collected this year.  All are welcome to attend at any of the scheduled times.  If you have questions or would like to alert us to accessibility needs, please contact

May God bless you richly with His abundant grace and mercy.