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Service Times: 8:30 & 11 AM | Sunday School: 10 AM | Wednesday Activities: 6:30 PM


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Prayer List

Posted on Jul 20 by

Prayer Concerns: Pastor Craig (Family) Lane and Lynda Wimmer Craig and Kin Alls Family (Family) Jarret and Amber Booth (Family) Todd Simmons Susan Greer Paula Cole Judy Akers Bob VandeLinde Norma Jean Perdue Barry Griffith Todd Simmons Lorraine LeMasters Reva DeLong Nancy Jordan Phyllis Dillion Susan Ober Jimmy Helbert Martha Jane Hodges Lewis Mills Jack Quick Charles McCormick Mark McCraw Laura Dreyer Savanah Janney For personal prayer and concerns please contact the church office. Phone (540) 721-8640 Email...


Sunday Service

Posted on Jun 6 by

We look forward to seeing you Sunday morning for church. We will have two Mask – required service at 8:30am and 11am service. 10:00am Sunday school (Will resume on Dec....


Church Online

Posted on May 12 by

Sunday Morning Service: https://youtu.be/V9jJK8-iKfo   Click below For Our Wednesday Night Bible Study: Video link: https://youtu.be/fLJrTCdHBPM   TITLE: COMMITMENT TO CHRIST SCRIPTURE:   MARK 10:13-22 DATE:  October 25, 2020 WELCOME AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: _________________________________ OPENING :  Committed to Christ, What does that mean?  What is something you’re really enjoyed being committed to?  On page 95 of your Personal Study Guide it says, “Our commitments reveal what we love and whom we love. In our lesson we are going to look at 2 events, the little children gathering around Christ and the rich young ruler as told to us by Mark.  I had just assumed these events took place in Jerusalem during Passion Week but in really looking at them, they were earlier.  He was in Capernaum (Mark 9:33) which was at the very top of the Sea of Galilee. where he taught and preached.  Then He went over to the west side of the sea then down the west bank of the Jordan to Judea.  It appears this is on the trip to Jerusalem but still out in what we would call flyover...